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Kingsley College offers an established distance program for students in Prep to Year 12 in addition to an Early Learning program. Our programs are based on a Christian worldview and aligned with the Australian Curriculum. They are available through both online and offline modes of study. Year 12 students are able to graduate with an ATAR for Tertiary Entrance. Our staff have a relational approach, working with parents for the education of their children, providing regular feedback and a personal touch.

At Kingsley College, we offer a high quality distance education program, using the Australian Curriculum with a Christian perspective. Studying by distance is a great option for:

  • Families who live in a location with limited educational choice.
  • Students who are heavily involved in musical or sporting programs that require a flexible timetable.
  • Students for whom classroom delivery is not the most conducive to their success.

Students are given opportunity to engage in learning experiences that are content rich and interactive. There are regular opportunities for student-teacher interaction and community building through web interactives, excursions, visits, other events and camps. Students living within the Rockhampton area are invited to attend HPE and Arts lessons on campus.

Teachers have developed our own unique program with online and printed resources, supporting students through video meetings, email and phone.

Individual education programs are available for students who are gifted and talented, or for those with learning difficulties or disabilities.


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Kingsley College is registered to provide distance education for Prep – Year 12 Queensland students. When students enrol with Kingsley College via distance education, they are enrolling into a high quality accredited program that aligns with the Australian National Curriculum. Students learning via distance education are undergoing the same education as day school students but in a different format and environment. We believe high quality education starts with great teachers. They act as educators, mentors, encouragers and opportunity-makers for our students. At Kingsley we recognise parents as the prime educators of their children and value the dynamic and unique partnership we build between home and school. Teachers provide tuition support and are readily contactable for students through email, online communication or by phone. We consider the parent-teacher-student relationship is of the utmost importance. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers Queensland and National curriculum standards, preparing students for successful completion of an OP or vocational studies in Year 11 and 12. Our students are given opportunity to engage in learning experiences that are content rich and interactive. There are regular opportunities for student-teacher interaction and community building through web interactives, excursions, visits, other events and camps. Units of work are developed by our teacher for their students. Lessons are differentiated according to each student’s individual need. Teachers utilise a variety of resources and materials in their planning to provide each student with a program that is up-to-date, relevant, interpreted through a Christian world-view and consistent with the National Curriculum.

Distance Education and homeschooling, or home education are different forms of education. With distance education, a parent enrols their child in a school of distance education (i.e. Kingsley College) and a school program is provided by that school for the child. Teachers are available to help monitor the child’s learning and a teacher from the school reports on the child (as in mainstream schools). The parent is the supervisor or home tutor to the child within their home. Home education is however when parents choose to home educate and accept responsibility for planning, implementing, and evaluating their child’s learning program. Home education is a recognised and lawful education option available to Queensland parents and guardians when making decisions about the best form of education for their children. Parents who choose to home educate provide the resources necessary to support their child’s individually tailored program. A parent choosing this educational option is required (and legally responsible) to provide a high-quality education for their child.

For further information on Home Schooling please see:

Families are required to have access to the following equipment and programs to complete distance education:

• A personal computer

• Internet access

• Internet filter

• A telephone

• USB flash drive

• Scanner

• Printer

• Designated email account for parents (student email access will be provided by the school).

• A designated and quiet study space

Attendance and engagement is monitored and followed up by teachers. Attendance in the distance mode of learning is also indicated by the regular return of work as outlined for each subject. The class teacher will maintain a record of work returned. Concerns in relation to chronic non-return of work and/or non-engagement with the program will be referred through to the Principal.

Parents/caregivers have a legal obligation under the Education (General Provisions) Act to ensure that their child is engaged in the educational program being provided by the school. The Principal will follow up reported cases of non-engagement/non-attendance.