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A Living Faith

Students in Year 5 and 6 have considered how Saul in the Bible changed from someone who was persecuting Christians to becoming a follower of Jesus himself, even changing his name to Paul, telling others about Jesus and starting new churches in many places. He had that moment where he literally saw a bright light and heard the voice of Jesus, which caused him to change his view and follow Christ. Students have then thought about the moment in their life, when God became real to them, and they decided to follow Christ. They shared this at Assembly on Monday, calling it their “Saul to Paul Experience”. This was very encouraging, and I would like to share some of their stories with you.

Michael Appleton (PRINCIPAL)

God became real to me when I first went to church and all the people talked about God and prayed for the sick. There was a lady with cancer and the church prayed for her every Sunday, and after a while she was healed. I said to God, “so you really are real!” Now I volunteer to pray in class.

God became real to me when my Mum told me all the amazing things God has done, and will do. 

My Saul to Paul experience was when Pastor Tony came to our classroom, like he does every Thursday. After he finished talking to us, he prayed for us to have the Holy Spirit in our lives. When he finished praying our class was laughing and crying, being filled with the Holy Spirit. This was my Saul to Paul experience because it was when I realised that God was actually there and was powerful.

My Saul to Paul experience was listening to amazing miracles that Jesus has done for people. It was very inspiring to hear that Jesus has done this for us, when we were horrible to him. In Acts 3:1-26 it talks about Peter healing a lame man sitting at the gate begging for money. The man was jumping up and down praising the Lord for healing him. This is just a tiny bit of what the Lord can do.

In church the pastor was preaching when I blanked out and couldn’t hear anybody. All I heard was a big voice saying, “That’s me! That’s me!” and I know that it was God.

In 2018 my grandma was really sick and had been for weeks. One day I went into Grandma’s room and started praying for her. A couple of days later my grandma got better, and that made me believe in God. That was my Saul to Paul experience. 

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