Kingsley Students Discover Career Opportunities at Rockhampton Beef Week

Beef Week is an international event hosted by Rockhampton every three years, showcasing the beef industry and the many other industries connected with it. Sometimes those of us living in the city might not be aware of how important the beef industry is, but when we see almost 120,000 visitors coming to our city, and the scale of this event, we realise that it is BIG. It was even attended by the Prime Minister and many other politicians.

Students from Kingsley in Years 9 to 12 took the opportunity to attend the event and understand more about one of the significant drivers in our region’s economy. Whatever occupation students might enter into, they are likely to be relating to the beef industry in some way, so this understanding is important to all their futures. 

Students had the opportunity to talk to veterinary scientists, nurses, the Police, watch celebrity chefs, participate in a virtual reality demonstration, and of course, view prize cattle. It was also great to connect with distance education students from Kingsley who live on a cattle farm. Students enjoyed getting out of the classroom and being exposed to a variety of career pathways that are relevant in this region.

Nate was taught how to cut meat using virtual reality!
Bec talks with a cattle researcher from James Cook University.