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Excursions via Virtual Reality

At Kingsley College we believe that learning takes place when through experiences, not just receiving information. To this end, teachers facilitate activities with a specific learning goal in mind, using whatever tools and resources provide the best experience. Excursions are an invaluable part of this process, both utilising real world experiences to form the student, and showing the student how they may form the world. 

Using VR to learn!

While the idea of using Virtual Reality (VR) in education has been discussed for decades, recent advances in technology are making this more accessible and affordable. Virtual Reality is the experience a user has when they wear a headset connected to a computer, viewing images in 3D and hearing sounds all around them. In this simulated experience, the user can move around and interact with objects. While the user knows they are interacting with a computer, the experience can feel real. They might say it is “virtually” real. While there is no substitution for “real” experiences, virtual reality opens the door for schools to provide educational experiences for students that might otherwise be inaccessible. 

An Excursion to Space
Students in Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 have been studying the Solar System in Science. While we would have liked to conduct an excursion into space, that option was not available at this time. We are, however, able to provide such an excursion using virtual reality.

On Thursday the 31st of October students in these two classes will have the opportunity to board a simulated Apollo 11 rocket, launch into space and land on the moon.  This experience will be facilitated by the new “Virtual World” facility on East Street.

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