Student Leaders from across Rockhampton get official induction

Our Year 12 students recently attended a Rockhampton Student Leader induction ceremony at St Joseph’s Cathedral. Student leaders from across the Rockhampton region came to be inducted officially.

Alongside their peers, they were called up and recognised as leaders. Our wonderful Kingsley students pledged to lead well, be positive role models, and serve their school.

While only the Year 12 students attended the ceremony, all of our Senior students at Kingsley College are considered student leaders. The students themselves feel this responsibility for leading the school by example. We spoke to a few Senior students on the value of student leadership and this is what they had to say:

It’s important for little – and even older students – to have somebody to look up to and have someone to talk to.

It’s good for students to have someone to look up to that they can relate to, who is also a student. Someone who is like them, and a role model and leader for them to follow.

A lot of students look up to the older students, so I hope the little kids will see the good examples of the leaders and choose to make positive decisions in their lives.

We wish the Seniors all the best in their final years of schooling, and look forward to the lasting impact they’ll have on Kingsley College as they lead the student body.